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Looking for a postdoctoral position in the field of (solid) computational mechanics

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My name is Nguyen Vinh Phu, a PhD student at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. I have been working with Prof. Bert Sluys on a project named "Coarse graining of failure in heterogeneous solids" since July 2007. I am finishing my work and therefore seeking for a postdoctoral position starting after July 2011.

My expertise in computational solid mechanics includes

(1) Finite elements, extended finite elements and meshless methods.

(2) Discontinuous computational modelling of fracture of solids with cohesive zone models in FEM (with interface elements), in XFEM and in EFG. I also work on continuous modelling of failure using generalized constitutive models such as the gradient damage or non-local damage models.

(3) Computational homogenization of heterogeneous materials. 

(4) Computational homogenization of localized deformations.

(5) Efficient implementation of numerical methods in C++/Python using object-oriented/generic programming.

I have written a couple of journal papers which are listed in below.

Papers in which I am the first author:

[1] V.P. Nguyen, O. Lloberas-Valls, M. Stroeven, L.J. Sluys. On the existence of representative volumes for softening quasi-brittle materials – A failure zone averaging scheme.

[2] V.P. Nguyen, O. Lloberas-Valls, M. Stroeven, L.J. Sluys.
Homogenization-based multiscale crack modelling: From micro-diffusive damage to macro-cracks.

[3] V.P. Nguyen, T. Rabczuk, M. Duflot, S. Bordas. Meshless methods: A review and computer implementation aspects.

 [4] V.P. Nguyen, O. Lloberas-Valls, M. Stroeven, L.J. Sluys. Multiscale failure modelling of heterogeneous solids based on computational homogenization. Implementation and numerical aspects. Submitted.

Papers in which I am an co-author

[5] S. Bordas, V.P. Nguyen, C. Dunant, A. Guidoum, H. Nguyen-Dang. An extended finite element library.

[6] S. Bordas, T. Rabczuk , Hung NX, V.P. Nguyen, S. Natarajan, T. Bog, Quan DM, Hiep NV. Strain smoothing in FEM and XFEM.

[7] C. Dunant, V.P. Nguyen, M. Belgasmia, S. Bordas, A. Guidoum. Architecture tradeoffs of integrating a mesh generator to partition of unity enriched object-oriented finite element software.

I would like to pursue a postdoctoral working in any topic related to computational solid mechanics.

You could contact me anytime by sending emails to

Thanks for your time.

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