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Numerical vs Mathematica modelling

What is the difference between Numerical and Mathematica modelling? Can anyone help?


Vasilis Sarhosis

PhD student
University of Leeds

My opinion about these two concepts. The mathematic modeling means we use some mathematic concepts, equations and some others to simulate pragmatic problems. Of course, most these methods are numerical.

Jayadeep U. B.'s picture

What I understand is as follows:

Mathematical modelling is the conversion of the given physical problem into mathematical statements (almost always invoving lot of assumptions), which can be solved.  Almost everything, what we study, are about mathematical models, which are expected to represent the physical problems with reasonable level of accuracy.

Numerical modelling (numerical simulation or solution to be more specific) is a collection of techniques to approximately solve the mathematical model (since in most cases, the mathematical model is sufficiently complicated to make the exact analytical solution very difficult or impossible).  However, in most situations the mathematical modelling is included as the first step in numerical simulation.

Hope my understanding is proper!

Jayadeep U.B.

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