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Extrude a solid section

Hi all,

       I am having some troubles with the extrude command in Abaqus cae. I have modeled my sample as a 2-D geometry and now I want to move to 3-D for the same section. But I am having trouble extruding my 2-D section. It seems to me very weird and far to complicated the extrusion process in abaqus for such a simple task...

Thank you,



Johannes T.B. Overvelde's picture

You should start all over. You can't go from 2d to 3d. You should create a new part with 3-d properties. Does this solve the problem?


  what I tried to do is the following. I make my 2-D geometry, and then from part module change it to 3-D. But it seems that the extrusion command, is SO non convenient.

It doesnt work in the sense that it needs 2 or more bodies in order to apply exrtrusion, with just a face its not working.

I ll try to do it in python. Probably it will be much easier.


Thank you for your answer,


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