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Damage Detection of Bridge Using Vibration Analysis and Finite Element Method

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Dear All,

I am currently working on a small academic project of Damage Detection of Bridge Structure using Vibration Frequency and Modes analysis and Finite Element method.

My questions are:

1) Is there any systematic approach to follow this problem?

2) How should I start making its mathematical model? I am considering a truss bridge. Is it appropriate to consider linear elastic deformation of simply supported beam at first point?

3) Is there any standard reference which can help me to construct its mathematical model?


Any help is appreciated. I am a very new learner for this type of problem. I do have some FEM background but having difficulty in constructing mathematical model. 

Thank you,






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         You said damage detection of a bridge....That means you have to detect where the damage is? or under what conditions bridge gets damaged?  If your project is under what conditions bridge gets damaged, the following should be considered:   

1. What is your probelm a static analysis?

2. Or a dynamic analysis ?

   Knowing what is your analysis, you can further proceed.

After that you have to select any FEM software like ANSYS, ABAQUS etc...... 


Apply parameters to the secant stiffness of some elements that are suspected to have damage; then try to update the FE model of the structure by an optimization technique. Please have a look to following articles:

Teughels, A., De Roeck, G. (2004). Structural damage identification of the highway bridge Z24 by FE model updating. Journal of sound and vibration, 278 (3), 589-610.

Teughels, A., De Roeck, G. (2005). Damage detection and parameter identification by finite element model updating. Archives of computational methods in engineering, 12 (2), 123-164.

Ture Savadkoohi, A.,  Molinari, M., Bursi O. S., Friswell. M. I. (2011). Finite element model updating of a semi-rigid moment resisting structure", Structural Control and Health Monitoring, DOI: 10.1002/stc.363

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There has been lots of research in this area.  See these literature reviews to gert started:




I no longer work in this area. There may be newer reviews I am not aware of.

Michael B. Prime, Los Alamos, New Mexico

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Thank you Mike , Alireza and Siva. 

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Review paper by Doebling et. al. is very nice for vibration based damage detection / structural health monitoring (SHM).


- Ramadas

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