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computational mechanics; finite elements

Expansion of a function into a basis set

Consider a ``neat'' function such as what an engineer is most likely to use in his typical theory/work. Such a function would typically be: (i) defined over a single finite interval, (ii) continuous throughout, and (iii) smooth enough. In other words, the sort of a function they used when they introduced the very idea of a graph of a function to you, back in high-school. ... Feel free to add any other qualifications you like, but note them explicitly, e.g., (iv) bounded throughout, and (v) periodic.

How to mesh , a solid/ shell hemisphere , hexdominant either by sweep or mapped meshing in ANSYS APDL ?

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Can anyone guide me how to mesh solid and shell 3d hemisphere with hex dominant approach in ansys mechanical APDL?

I found no such verification manual for 3d hemispherical meshing in ansys. What method should be applied and what element should be chosen appropriately to mesh this structure?

I have attached screen shot for your understanding of my problem.

Your response will be highly appreciated.

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