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cantilever beam

how to model a 3-D crack in ansys

i want to create a crack in a cantilever beam, but i m new in this field. please tell me how to model a crack in beam when beam is meshed using 1) beam elements 2) solid elements?

please refer any good tutorials in this field.


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Bilayer beam Bending

Where to get information on the Mechanics of Bilayer Beam bending for  Bridge & Cantilever beam?

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Structural and mechanical dynamics

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I am looking for the right shape function of a cantilever beam, where  the free end  is simply supported by a spring with stiffness K varying between zero and infinity, thus when K= 0, the beam is assumed a cantilever, whereas when K= ∞, it assumed a propped cantilever beam. The mode shape needs to satisfy all the boundary conditions.

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