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How to view random material properties in ABAQUS

In ABAQUS, I have 100*100 elements and the material properties of each element (say elasticity, angle of friction) varies. How can I view (plot) the mesh as per material properties value (say elasticity) (like colorbar)

Free software for radial Youngs modulus plots of laminates


i am looking for a free tool to create radial/radar plot for youngs, shear modulus

and poissons ratio (diagramms showing properties as a function of the angle).

so far i found one excel / vb based one but it is very basic.

Any suggestions?



On digitizing and editing figures

Recently I have observed that if I don't perform a routine task for a few months, I tend to forget the steps needed in the process. I have to relearn the process and that's a waste of time. The intention of this blog post is to provide a list of tips for my use which can also be of use to other Linux users. I like free software. Most of the software on this list can be downloaded from SourceForge or some such place.


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