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contact mechanics; adhesion; friction; tribology

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Postdoc in Mechanics/Tribology and/or Triboelectric Nanogenerators

Postdoc position available on Mechanics/Tribology and/or Triboelectric Nanogenerators at the University of Glasgow's James Watt School of Engineering. Applicants with background in mechanics, tribology or triboelectric nanogenerators (including device fabrication and testing) are welcome. Closing date: 08-Dec-2020

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Electroadhesive sphere-flat contact problem

The electroadhesive contact between a conductive sphere with a rigid substrate, both coated with an electrically insulating layer is studied, by adopting two solution strategies: (i) a DMT approximation and (ii) an iterative finite element model which accounts for the effect of the electroadhesive tractions on the deformation of the elastic solids. The contact problem is solved by varying the applied voltage and the elastic modulus of the coating layer.

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Unified Mechanics Theory

Recently, I guest-edited a special issue of the journal Entropy on Unified Mechanics Theory and related topics. All published papers are available for free download from the link below.


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