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sandwich strcuture

Sandwich plates using Higher order theories


While modeling laminated composites we use their material properties (stiffness matrix) to compute the ABD matrix. When E_z of the core is much higher than E_x and E_y, how can we model such a plate using 2D FEM?

huge difference of Young's modulus in sandwich structure

I am modeling a plate under three point bending with Abaqus. The plate
is a sandwich structure with aluminum plate (thickness: 5mm), adhesive glue (thickness:
0.02mm) and a kind of foam (thickness: 15mm) bonding together. Their Young’s
modulus is at the order of 100GPa, 1MPa and 100MPa. While in incremental
calculation, the job is always be aborted for not achieving convergence. I just
wonder whether the cause of not achieving convergence should be attributed to
the huge difference in Young’s modulus.


Modelling of Sandwich plates in ABAQUS

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I am learning Abaqus to model sandwich composite struture. If anyone has done that or has any tutorial for that, then please share.

Also I want to refer mathematical formulation of sandwich plates for dynamic stability analysis, please share.




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