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Can somebody assist me with modelling the crack propagation with XFEM (Abaqus) in connection with contact problems?


I want to arrange a crack propagation in a screw thread. Therefor I use two dimensional axissymmetric elements in Abaqus 6.12-3 (it is the first version, that allows XFEM in axissymmetric models). The boundaries of the screw thread are on the one hand the symmetry axis, on the other hand the contact to a nut thread that is hold in vertical direction. Thus, there are two nonlinear problems: 1.) the contact problem and 2.) the XFEM crack growth.

1.) Arranging the analysis of the contact problem without crack growth works thoroughly.


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Dear, I use the abaqus present , how can apply a tightening torque between an implant (screw) and the bone with abaqus......... thank you


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