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hd bui

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sad news for mechanician. Departure of HD Bui, member of french academy of science

Unfortunately, HD Bui, 76, passed away yesterday evening. An elegant, dedicated, very discreet but bright mind, HD Bui made a long career at Ecole Polytechnique and EDF, making important contributions in fracture mechanics and inverse engineering.  Lately, he returned to work on his interesting contributions on the Cheops pyramid and the spiralling internal structure.

He was considered the most prominent vietnamese scientist in France, of 400 000 living there.

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a review of a paper by HD Bui found in the internet !!

dear iMechanica friends

I came across a review of a paper by HD Bui who was somewhere in the internet, and I find it is very interesting. I could even have written this review myself !!  I don't think the reviewer exaggerates....


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