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Nonlinear structural analysis on ABAQUS

Dear iMechanica users,

I am working on a metallic foam model, and due to its nature of geometry and physical properties, I considered geometrical and physical nonlinearities. What is the significance of NLGEOM = ON and NLGEOM = OFF besides, it includes or excludes the geomterical nonlinearity in ABAQUS? I want to know the basic change that has been incorporated when I switch the NLGEOM between ON and OFF. Also, a theoretical explanation on how this change is caried out. 

Modelling offshore platform deck in fire

Hello fellow researchers,

I am almost completing my first year in research study and am finding it difficult running my structural simulation in ABAQUS once I have included non-linear geometric effects. I didn't have problem with the simple heat transfer analysis. I have also converted (--) to the true stress-logarithmic strain curves at elevated temperatures using the empirical model given in EC3, yet no good outcome. Can anyone suggest to me how I could go about it?

Comments will be gratefully appreciated.


Model Overconstraints

Hello all,

I have created a 3-d dynamic model in ABAQUS using shell elements.  When I run the analysis I get several warning messages indicating that I have zero pivot nodes.  When I locate where these nodes are, I find that they are in the middle of my beam (modeled with shell elements) away from any boundary conditions.  Does anyone know why ABAQUS is indicating these inconsistent overconstraints in the middle of my model???  The analysis fails to converge when NLGEOM=yes but has no problems converging when NLGEOM is removed.

Thanks in advance

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