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FEA post-processing

Question for post-processing after each increment and return it back to calculation (non-local damage)

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Dear everyone:

  I am trying to use a nonlocal damage criteria to simulate the crack growth, which can reduce the mesh dependency.

In abaqus, VUMAT/UMAT is doing computation at integration point for each increment, but I want to do the post-processing after each increment to get the non-local state variable and return this value back to calculation.    

Such as taking average value of one state variable within a distance about the center of one element, then return it back to another state variable to this element.

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op2 from MSC Marc?

Dear iMechanicians,

I wonder if anybody knows how to get an op2 file (MSC.Nastran) from MSC.Marc. Is something like that possible? Or do you know some available converter? Potentially, fil or odb file from ABAQUS or rst file from ANSYS could help as well. But I would expect there some way within the MSC product family...

Thanks a lot for any idea.

Jan Papuga

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