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frequency analysis

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“Deflecting elastic prism” and unidirectional localisation for waves in chiral elastic systems

For the first time, a design of a “deflecting elastic prism” is proposed and implemented for waves in a chiral medium. A novel model of an elastic lattice connected to a non-uniform system of gyroscopic spinners is designed to create a unidirectional wave pattern, which can be diverted by modifying the arrangement of the spinners within the medium. This important feature of the gyro-system is exploited to send a wave from a point of the lattice to any other point in the lattice plane, in such a way that the wave amplitude is not significantly reduced along the path.

Frequency analysis with Contact constraint



I am trying to analysis a model in ABAQUS with a plate bolted to the Bracket top surface at 4 ends. I have to define contact between them (and also bolted at 4 ends) to get the Modal frequency. But When I searched for it, I got the answer that contact doesn't work with Modal analysis as contact is a nonliner problem and Modal Analysis only solves linear problem.


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Frequency response analysis for solid-liquid system with ABAQUS

  diaphragm by you.

Hello ABAQUS users!

 Do you know how to simulate the resonant frequency for a diaphragm with a liquid medium below as in the figure with ABAQUS ?

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