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Using beam3 element and plane82 element in ANSYS to analyse the curved beam bistable mechanism

I did the analysis for the snap-through of curve beam (this is a bistable mechanism) and using both "beam3 element" and "plane82 element" to find the force-displacement. However the obtained f-d curves are different between these two element.

May anyone give me some suggestions to deal with my problem ?  

Thank you !

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Frequency response analysis for solid-liquid system with ABAQUS

  diaphragm by you.

Hello ABAQUS users!

 Do you know how to simulate the resonant frequency for a diaphragm with a liquid medium below as in the figure with ABAQUS ?

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Complicated rotor dynamic simulation with ANSYS/ABAQUS or Madyn 2000

 Rotating drum by you.

I have a system as in the Figure. There will have a radial load and a lateral load acting on the circumference of the drum which rotate at around 1000 rpm. I want to investigate the stability of the shaft at this speed. Can ANSYS or ABAQUS simulate this kind of dynamic simulation or is there any other software can solve my problem.

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Run Abaqus file from Matlab

I have sucessfully called and runed an ANSYS file from Matlab with this command.

! "C:\Program Files\Ansys Inc\v100\ANSYS\bin\intel\ansys100.exe" -b -i D:\ansys_file.txt -o  D:\outputfile.txt

Has any one try to run Abaqus from Matlab, and can you share the command for me ? 


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Genetic algorithm for function optimization with Matlab

Hi, Matlab experts !

Did someone work with Prof. Houck's paper (A genetic algorithm for function optimization: A Matlab implementation, 1995) on the genetic algorithm ?.

In his paper he proposes 3 online tutorials (gademo1.m; gademo2.m; gademo3.m) for working with the function "ga" in Matlab but it's all for Matlab 5. This function syntax has changed considerabily in Matlab 7. The key point is that we cannot define "bounds" which is a matrix of upper and lower bounds on the variables with Matlab 7.

So how Matlab 7 deals with this problem ?


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Superplastic Forming (SPF) analysis with Abaqus

Hello world!

I’ve been working with SPF analysis
recently. I followed the Abaqus example to solve my problem. But the result for
my pressure cycle isn’t as expected. It should have increased step by step from
the initial stage as in the real process. If it is possible, I will thank any
suggestions from whom related to this kind of simulation.

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