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latent heat

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Is Latent Heat for phase tranformation is mandatory for all kind of gases/liquid?

Like water, which keep change in phase from vapour, liquid, solid by adding required latent heat at constant temperature. Is this mandatory for all gaes like oxygen, nitrogen, any metal.

Modeling heat transfer involving a phase change (ice to water) using Abaqus

I'm modeling the transient heat transfer of a cooler with an ice pack in it. How does one accurately model the phase change of the water? Here's what I've tried so far:

 1. Added latent heat property to material card. Used Latent heat = 334 kJ/kg, Solidus Temp = 0, Liquidus Temp = 0

   Result: Error, Solidus and Liquidus temps cannot be equal

 2. Solidus temp = -0.01, Liquidus temp = 0.01

   Result: Analysis ran, but diverged very early in the analysis.

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