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Kinetic Monte Carlo

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2 years PostDoctoral Position - Universities Lille & Paris 13 , Paris, France

A 2 years post Doctoral position is avalaible in France, on material science numerical modeling fields. This is a join project between Univ. Lille (UMET lab), Paris 13 (LSPM lab), CEA (IRFM lab) and Marseille univ. (PIIM lab).

The present postdoc subject is focused on the modeling of the interactions between impurities (H, He...) and tungsten. 

Coupling FEM and Monte Carlo

I wnat simulat rollong process. Mteral deformation is simulated by FEM and i want simujlate microstructure evolution by KMC method. Do any one have experience in this field (coupling FEM and KMC) ?

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