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Split Hopkinson Pressure bar (or Kolsky bar)

Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Equipment

Many prior posts asked about manufacturers of Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar equipment. REL Inc in Calumet MI ( designs, builds & installs custom equipment to meet your requirements. We offer a university discount.  And, we provide in-house testing; manufacturing of samples, etc. A new offering in this field is our SurePulse software which simplifies the data acquisition effort for Hopkinson bar testing. 

A question for the audience:

SHPB Data Reduction Software

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I am
developing the first Split-Hopkinson Pressure bar device for my university and I
was wondering if anyone had some data reduction software/codes that they would
be willing to share.  I have heard that
others have developed such codes that take the input signals and perform the
proper analyses to produce the stress strain curves.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




Journal Club Theme of June 2011: Dynamic Mechanical Behavior of Advanced Structural Materials

The response of structural materials to external mechanical load may strongly depend on the rate at which the load is imposed. For example, a specimen may exhibit ductile fracture if loaded at quasi-static rate (strain rate below 1.0/s), but may show brittle fracture under impact (high-rate) loading. According to the classic monograph of Professor Marc Meyers, if the strain rate is above 100/s, it can be put into the high-strain rate regime. The mechanical behavior of structural materials under such loading conditions is dubbed dynamic.

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