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shape memory polymer

Inaccurate UMAT result in SMP model

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I have written a UMAT subroutine similar to the one shown in abaqus 6.11 subroutine manual 1.1.40 with a slight differences indicative of the material's rheological model.
my expanded isotropic model looks like:
sigma_x - sigmav_x/3 + vbar*sigma_dot_x + kappa*sigma_dot_x =
lambda*eplv + 2*mu*epl_x + lamdabar*eplv_dot_x +2*mubar*epl_x

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Symposium on Soft Materials and Structures at 49th SES Meeting (Abstract Deadline: April 2, 2012)

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to to draw your attention to the Symposium on **Soft Materials and Structures** to take place at the upcoming 49th Meeting of the Society of Engineering Sciences (SES) at GeorgiaTech, Atlanta, GA (October 10-12, 2011). More information can be found in the meeting's website:

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