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Nodal force

Convert pressure (Surface load) to nodal force

Dear all,

Currently, I have a FE mesh and want to apply pressure load on part of the surface.  Anybody has suggestions on how to convert the pressure load to nodal force theoretically and numerically?

Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you very much.

Abaqus- Nodal force and Reaction force

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What is the difference between the nodal force (NFORC) and Reaction force in abaqus. I applied some displacement in my model, when checking the Reaction and Nodal force at the same node, Nodal force is just half the reaction force. Then I did some experiment and applied some load on a node, after solution when i check the nodal force on the same node, it is half of the applied load. Why is it not  same as the load I applied? I am confused. Please help me.



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