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fluid structure interaction sub-field discipline fluid mechanics

Article: Hydrodynamic Interaction Between Two Flexible Finite Length Coaxial Cylinders: New Theoretical Formulation and Numerical Validation

This article addresses the interaction of two coaxial cylinders separated by a thin fluid layer. The cylinders are flexible, have a finite length, and are subject to a vibration mode of an Euler–Bernoulli beam. Assuming a narrow channel, an inviscid and linear theoretical approach is carried out, leading to a new simple and tractable analytical expression of the fluid forces.

Article: New estimations of the added mass and damping of two cylinders vibrating in a viscous fluid, from theoretical and numerical approaches

This work deals with the small oscillations of two circular cylinders immersed in a viscous stagnant fluid. A new theoretical approach based on an Helmholtz expansion and a bipolar coordinate system is presented to estimate the fluid forces acting on the two bodies. We show that these forces are linear combinations of the cylinder accelerations and velocities, through viscous fluid added coefficients. To assess the validity of this theory, we consider the case of two equal size cylinders, one of them being stationary while the other one is forced sinusoidally.

where to go for the computational modelling?

This post is to share where to go for the computational modelling. Should computation modelling focus on advance the solver convergence or focus on experiment verification?

The experiment verification always expensive and high cost involved. For solver convergence, it is always take time but less cost involved, however even with advance computational power and smart equation, we always face problem on verfiy our result through experiement stage.  

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Does fluid structure interaction classified as a sub-field within fluid mechanics?


     hi, I am a student in Engineering Mechanics.  I would like to find a lab or a  professor related to fluid structure interaction(FSI) for grad study in USA.  does FSI is part of fluid mechanics discipline? or which is the right department I should search for?

     I have looked through some grad schools, I found some similary key words, such as aeroelasticity,  micro aero vehicles, swimmers, environemantl fluid mechanics, not that close anyway.

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