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computational biology

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Postdoctoral position in multiscale computational simulations in the J2 Lab for Engineering Living Materials I am happy to announce that the website of the J2 Lab for Engineering Living Materials is now live! We're very excited to get cracking in Jan 2020 at the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in Cornell University, and we're hiring one postdoc experienced in multiscale computational simulations to kickstart our lab. Please visit our website for more details!

where to go for the computational modelling?

This post is to share where to go for the computational modelling. Should computation modelling focus on advance the solver convergence or focus on experiment verification?

The experiment verification always expensive and high cost involved. For solver convergence, it is always take time but less cost involved, however even with advance computational power and smart equation, we always face problem on verfiy our result through experiement stage.  

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