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2019 IMECE Student Paper Competition for Experimental Mechanics

The ASME Applied Mechanics Division (AMD) Technical Committee for Experimental Mechanics is soliciting oral-only student presentations across four topic areas:

•    11-13: Quantitative Visualization in Fracture & Fatigue
•    11-15: Mechanical Characterization in Extreme Environments
•    11-17: Mechanics of Adhesion and Friction
•    11-18: In-Situ Techniques in Experimental Mechanics

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PhD Position in Experimental Mechanics at Extreme Temperatures

The Mechanics at Extreme Temperatures Lab at Utah State University is looking for qualified research assistants at the PhD level for Fall 2015. Research will be focused on mechanical characterization of two materials for advanced aerospace applications:

1. Molybdenum-base superalloys for advanced propulsion systems, and
2. Ultra-high temperature ceramics for the leading edges of spacecraft and hypersonic aircraft.

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