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An exciting PhD opportunity on ‘Long-term degradation of buried subsea pipeline coatings’

An exciting PhD opportunity, fully funded for UK/International tuition fees along with a stipend, is available at the National Decommissioning Centre (NDC . This research project on ‘Long-term degradation of buried subsea pipeline coatings’ is funded by Chevron Corporation, NDC and the School of Engineering.


Please follow this link for more information or contact us directly:

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Hydrogen damage in FCC steel single crystals

Our recent paper on predicting hydrogen damage in FCC steel single crystals. Most important thing about this paper is that the special issue is dedicated to Professor Siegfried Schmauder on his 65th birthday. Happy birthday Professor Schmauder and thanks for all your guidance, support and collaborations throughout my journey which still continues.

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Funded PhD position

I have a fully funded PhD position available in my research group. Please pass it around to your contacts and students.Details can be found below or one can directly get in touch with me for more details. 

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Partially Funded PhD/EngD Positions


I have a couple of partially funded positions available, topics include

- A multiscale constitutive model for intragranular failure in metal during sheet metal forming

- Investigation of microstructure evolution during incremental sheet metal forming 

Topics require apriori knowledge of constitutive modelling in FE framwork. Interested please contact me on



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When is the right time for a Post Doc. to start applying for a lecturership position?

I normally come across many advertisements about lecturership positions in different universities all around the world. And I always wonder when is the right time for a post doc. to apply for it? As, I am never sure that my experience will be enough for the position.

What are the necessary ingredients of a post doc.'s CV, that should help him getting such position?

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