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Tuition waive scholarship for CSC applicant

There are several tuition waive scholarshipes available in my group, which are suitable to CSC (China Scholarship Council) applicants. If you are intrested in solid mechanics and plan to pursue a PhD degree in school of civil engineering and geosciences, Newcastle University, UK, please send your CV to me at

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Symposium on Computational Mechanics for Solid Materials and Structures, ICCMSE 2009, 29 Sep - 04 Oct. 2009, Rhodes, Greece

Abstract Submission Deadline: 5 September 2009. Symposium 12: Computational Mechanics for Solid Materials and Structures

Scope and Topics:
This symposium will aim at state-of-the-art computational methods for solid mechanics. Topics include but not limited to:

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Ph.D. studentship in smart material at University of Glasgow, UK

A three-year
PhD studentship is available within the Glasgow Research Partnership in
Engineering (GRPE) as part of the Joint Research Institute in Mechanics of
Materials, Structures and Bioengineering at the University of Glasgow. 
specific goals of the PhD will be to manufacture MREs and determine the
influence of manufacture conditions on the micro-structure and magnetic-sensitivity
of the magnetorheological elastomers (smart material).

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