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magnetorheological Elastomers (MRE)

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Soft Magneto-Active Composites

"Soft magnetoactive laminates: large deformations, transverse elastic waves and band gaps tunability by a magnetic field"  by  N. Karami Mohammadi et al (2019) has been published in November Special Issue in Journal of Applied Mechanics.

This paper is part of my group and co-author work on the topic of Soft Magneto-Active Composites:

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Ph.D. Position on Magnetorheological Elastomers at Ecole Polytechnique, France

One Ph.D. position is now available starting October 2013 on magnetorheological elastomers in the Solid Mechanics Laboratory of Ecole Polytechnique, France. The potential student will work on the development of new experimental procedures and high fidelity numerical models for the understanding and constitutive description of microstructured magnetorheological solids. Students with strong interest in new coupled problems and strong background in engineering, physics or/and mechanics are encouraged to apply.

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Ph.D. studentship in smart material at University of Glasgow, UK

A three-year
PhD studentship is available within the Glasgow Research Partnership in
Engineering (GRPE) as part of the Joint Research Institute in Mechanics of
Materials, Structures and Bioengineering at the University of Glasgow. 
specific goals of the PhD will be to manufacture MREs and determine the
influence of manufacture conditions on the micro-structure and magnetic-sensitivity
of the magnetorheological elastomers (smart material).

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