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how did fraeijs de veubeke pass away?

I see references to his "untimely death".  Yet, I have never been able to find out what happened.  I'm curious, does anyone know what happened to him?

Incidentally, many of his papers can be found at the following link for free:

I expect some of his papers would be of interest to mechanicians.

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request for recommendations for contemporary topics in undergrad mechanics of materials class


Hello everyone,

  I am currently teaching an undergraduate mechanics of materials course.  I would like to spend one class period on contemporary issues.  I am wondering what suggestions mechanicians may have.  I have noticed in recent years that several topics are of interest.

1. thin films

2. soft tissue/soft materials

3. fracture mechanics

(I must add I personally don't know much about these, but I see these come up often. )

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1D Plasticity - Isotropic hardening, tutorial with examples.

For those who may be interested,

 I have put together a paper describing 1D plasticity for a variety of cases of isotropic hardening.  The material is not new, but hopefully it is written with enough detail that it will help beginners learn some basics of computational plasticity.  The notation and material closely follows "Computational Inelasticity" written by Simo and Hughes.

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Help regarding 2D co-rotational beam formulation

I have implemented a 2D co-rotational truss formulation in matlab.  I get identical results to OpenSEES.

Now I'm trying to implement a 2D co-rotational beam formulation.  I have followed the simple formulation in Crisfield's book volume 1.  It seems like this should be a fairly straight forward extension of the truss formulation.  I have rederived everything Crisfield has done and obtained the same results, yet something is still incorrect.

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