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Application of Corotational Formulation

Hello,  I am a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering, and at the moment I am studying the co-rotational formulation from Criesfield's books.

I am looking for applications of the corotational formulation in ABAQUS or MATLAB; my supervisor suggested me it could be done in ABAQUS through a User Defined Element Subroutine, but being a new user to this software I don't really know from where I should start.

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Implementation of Corotational Formulation

I am a PhD student in Mechanical Engingeering.

I am currently studying the co-rotational formulation, following the theory on Crisfield's books. The next step in my project would be to apply the corotational formulation for the simulation of a beam, and my supervisor suggested me this could be done in ABAQUS through a User Defined Element Subroutine.

Corotational 2D Tangent Stiffness Matrix

Dear All,

As a part of my PhD project I need to implement the tangent stiffness matrix of a 2D beam co-rotational formulation.

 So I will apreciate if somebody can show me the components (coefficients)  of the element tangent stiffness matrix.

Thanks in advance


corotational formulation for 3D beam

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Help regarding 2D co-rotational beam formulation

I have implemented a 2D co-rotational truss formulation in matlab.  I get identical results to OpenSEES.

Now I'm trying to implement a 2D co-rotational beam formulation.  I have followed the simple formulation in Crisfield's book volume 1.  It seems like this should be a fairly straight forward extension of the truss formulation.  I have rederived everything Crisfield has done and obtained the same results, yet something is still incorrect.

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