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corotational formulation

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Application of Corotational Formulation

Hello,  I am a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering, and at the moment I am studying the co-rotational formulation from Criesfield's books.

I am looking for applications of the corotational formulation in ABAQUS or MATLAB; my supervisor suggested me it could be done in ABAQUS through a User Defined Element Subroutine, but being a new user to this software I don't really know from where I should start.

Dario Schiano Moriello's picture

Implementation of Corotational Formulation

I am a PhD student in Mechanical Engingeering.

I am currently studying the co-rotational formulation, following the theory on Crisfield's books. The next step in my project would be to apply the corotational formulation for the simulation of a beam, and my supervisor suggested me this could be done in ABAQUS through a User Defined Element Subroutine.

feasibilty of corotational formulation

hello Dear friends

I am working on geometrically nonlinear behavior of 2D beam.

I used field consistent approach using total lagrangian. because of field consistency, satisfication tangent stiffness matrix is dependent to tangant of node angles. this means that when beam is subjected to pure bending when angle of rotation approches to 90 degree, tangent stiffness matrice become singular. can any one give solution to this problem. how about corotational formulation.

thanks a lot.

best regards.

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