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Bending moment and axial force from free body cut ABAQUS

Hello everyone,

I am using free body cut on 3D element faces in ABAQUS to read the bending moment and axial force on a specific cross-section of a cantilever beam made with C3D8R elements. I am applying an inclined force to induce both axial and bending stresses and I am pushing the structure to undergo large displacements. The material is modelled as elasto-plastic.

I would like to know how ABAQUS compute the values of bending moment and axial force that I can read directly from the free body cut.

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Application of Corotational Formulation

Hello,  I am a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering, and at the moment I am studying the co-rotational formulation from Criesfield's books.

I am looking for applications of the corotational formulation in ABAQUS or MATLAB; my supervisor suggested me it could be done in ABAQUS through a User Defined Element Subroutine, but being a new user to this software I don't really know from where I should start.

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