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Clarification on creep


My work is related to creep in ceramics. Often I find the relation between the creep strain rate and stress as:

creep_strain_rate = constant x stress x other_factors                  (1)


"stress" is a general term here. Sometimes this relation (1) is applied along the principal stress direction; stress then refers to principal stress. In other cases stress is used to represent the effective stress which is expressed as following (not sure if this is complete/correct definition):


Damage evolution in ABAQUS: Damage variable and displacement


I am using Abaqus to simulate crack propagation during 3 point bend test. In the Materials section I am defining the Damage evolution and I have chosen to specify softening in tabulated data format. Tabulated data will include damage variable vs. displacement. 

I am having difficulty in providing this data. If anyone has done some related work and know of some thing similar then please let me know.



weird error in Abaqus


I am encountering a weird error in ABAQUS analysis. Their is no information in the files about why this error occurs, the execution just terminates all of a sudden. Following is the error:

Question about postprocessing in ABAQUS


 I am using Abaqus for a structural analysis problem. In the results I have stress distribution over the structure. I can use odb file to see the distribution of stresses as a function of space and time. 

I want to plot stress at a particular node as a function of time (and may be also stress distibution w.r.t. space coordinates at some instant of time). I have some general idea about the result file that can be generated from Abaqus and can be accessed. I am reading more about it but I am not sure if this is the right way.

Hashin damage model for fiber reinforced composite in ABAQUS

Hi Everyone,

I am doing a project in which I am trying to study about the
drilling of composite. The aim is to optimize the drill and process
parameters to minimize the damage. For this I have tried to simulate
the drilling process in ABAQUS and I am using the Hashin damage model.
The problem is that Hashin damage model works only for the lamina which
takes only plane stress elements. Since only plane elements are allowed
I am unable to simulate cutting action of drill as the composite plate
is effectively 2D.

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