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Hi everybody,


Can anybody help me get the following ASTM SPECS.


1. Test method for poison's ratio at room temperature (ASTM STANDARD E 132)

2. Test method for young's modulus, tangent modulus and chord modulus (ASTM STANDARD E 111)

3. E 1237

4, D 3039

5. D 2584


Thanks and regards

M Gopalakrishnan

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Residual stress measurement

Hi Everyone,

 I would like to measure the residual stress imposed pattern through thickness of the plate by forming process (bending). Is it possible?

 I came to know that residual stress measurement through HOLE DRILLING METHOD offers only on the surface. That too, applicable only when residual stress imposed is uniform through thickness (like shot blasting process). If any one came across the experience of residual stress measurement, please throw some light in this regard.

 Thanks in advance

 M Gopalakrishnan

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Effect of surface hardness in tensile testing

Hi Everyone,

 Is is possible to account the surface hardness effect in the tensile testing specimen? If possible, how could it be acomplished?

For instance, I would like to establish the  stress strain curve for the material that used on surface hardened component. Will there be a big change if the surface hardness effect is considered on the tensile specimen?


Please throw some light in this regard.



M Gopalakrishnan

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Buckling of Stepped column

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have the work experience on stepped column kind of structure?

I would like to know, how to determine the crippling load for stepped column kind of structures? If anyone have the materials pertaining to the subject, please do share (if interested).


Thanks and Regards


M Gopalakrishnan.

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Hi everyone, 

Sometimes while replying for the answered queries, I face the issue of "COMMENTS FIELD IS REQUIRED" inspite comments field is filled. I have attached the same in the presentation. Please go through it help in this regard.

Thanks and Regards
M Gopalakrishnan


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From the Ph.D Student

Hi Every one


 I am a new entrant to this site. This site seems to be very good towards technical aspect.

First of all I would like to introduce myself. I am a Ph.D student working in the area of fatigue.

- Is there anyone to support and share the knowledge in the domain of fatigue?

- Can anyone guide towards the websites that provides very good information about fatigue and related literatures.


Thanks and Regards

Gopalakrishnan Mohanam


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