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Connector - Join + Cardan

hi, i am using connector - jin + cardan to connect 2 beam elements; a beam and a column.

i applied a tip load to the edge of the beam in abaqus standard. for the connector, i keyed in the elastic properties and the plastic properties in terms of plastic moment and plastic rotation.

Urgent - Restarting Analysis due to Unexpected Computer Shutdown

Hi friends,

I am running a Abaqus Standard simulation for about 1.5
days. When I checked it now, the computer experienced a unexpected shutdown due
to power failure. I opened the CAE file and recovered the data. It still shows
that the simulation is running but it is actually not running.

How can I restart the analysis from the point where it
stopped. I am wary to click the restart under Edit Job because I am not sure if
that will cause the analysis to restart from time 0.

Automatic Stablization - RC Element Analysis

Hi all,

I am modeling a RC element subjected to stress and i am interested to determine the deflection of the element. I am using Abaqus Standard with static-general step. 

It seems that I have instability issue and I used automatic stablization technique to stabilize the problem. I am currently using "Specified disipated energy fraction = 0.0002" with a default of 0.05 for max ratio of stabilization to strain energy.

Continuum Elements - Beam Elements


I have a structure which is made up of continuum elements and beam elements joined together. I tried to join the beam elements to continuum elements by tie and coupling (I tried both distributing and kinematic coupling).

There are 2 general-static steps, first a vertical load and then a tip load. For both tie and coupling approach, Abaqus Standard give me aborted runs because the time increment is too small. I tried all ways of stablization but it still would not run.

Picking a node within a 3D Solid Volume

hi all,

I have a solid 3D part made of concrete. I would need
the results of a few points inside the concrete. However, I realised it
was not easy to pick them when doing a Set because the nodes are hidden
(they are not on the surface. I have 1) partition my model exactly at
the points when I need to pick 2) i name the points as datum points.

Using the CAE interface, how can i pick this nodes? I have attached a pic for better understanding. Can anyone please advise?

Thank you.

Modeling Reinforced Concrete Element in Abaqus Standard

hello everyone,

I am trying to model a concrete element subjected to static load using Abaqus Standard. For concrete, I am using Concrete Damaged Plasticity and beam elements for my reinforcement. I am embedding my reinforcement into the concrete (host elements).

Since I started, I faced several issues. They are overconstraint, numerical singularity and negative eigen values. I managed to resolve both of them. However, the behavior from my model is nowhere near the experimental data that I have. It seems that the model is excessively stiff.

Abaqus Standard: Overconstraints & Negative Eigenvalues

hi, i am using Abaqus standard to model a reinforced beam-column connection subjected to a tip load at the end of the beam. 

i first applied a gravity load followed by a tip load at the end of the beam. halfway through the application of the tip load, abaqus standard
stop and give 2 errors.

1) overstraint at certain nodes of my longitudinal reinforcement

2) negative eigen values

Input Steel Properties in Abaqus



I am trying to model a reinforced concrete element in Abaqus. I have been running a couple of models for a few weeks. Recently, I tried to validate an new experiment but ran into this error, "The Plastic Strain At First Yield Should Be Set To Zero". For my steel material model, i used elastic = 29520ksi and for the plastic, i keyed in the yield stress followed by the plastic strain. At the first input, plastic strain is zero for the initial yield stress. 

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