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Reinforced concrete

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Low cost condition assessment method for existing RC bridges

Aging infrastructures represent a current engineering challenge. Huge budgets are necessary to keep their functionality and the lack of a proper and timely maintenance entails an increasing deterioration and therefore higher repair costs. Therefore, assessing the reliability of infrastructures becomes mandatory, with particular attention to the ones still in service even when their life limit has exceeded.

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RC beams under blast load: Reliability and sensitivity analysis

The effects of blast loading on structures can be very dangerous: damages and failures are expected with serious threats to structural safety and human life. Materials stresses and strains are often pushed to the limit and the modelling of these phenomena can be very complex. In order to design blast-resistant structures it is very important to determine what are the key parameters of this problem.


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What is the importance of strain rate on structural response under blast load?

What is the importance of strain rate on structural response under blast load?

This and other issues are discussed in the recent paper from Stochino F. and Carta G.:

“SDOF models for reinforced concrete beams under impulsive loads accounting for strain rate effects”, DOI: 10.1016/j.nucengdes.2014.05.022, Nuclear Engineering and Design 276, (2014), 74-86.

Reinforced Concrete: Reinforcing Section or Volume Ratio?


 I want to model a simple bending RC beam using "smear" approach in ANSYS. Can anybody tell me which approach is right or both are the same?


1. I create two real constant sets for SOLID65 element. First one doesnt have volume ratio for the reinforcement, the second one does. Then, I create two seperate volumes adjacent to eachother and one under the other. I glue them and before meshing I choose the first real constant set for the upper one and the second set for the other as mesh attributes.


modelling reinforced concrete beam for fire analysis

hi all

pls help me to model reinforced concrete beams and columns in ansys to find the fire resistance of these members .

if u have any papers send me in my id

Reinforced Concrete in ANSYS

I am conducting a senior design project in ANSYS.  I am modeling a folded reinforced concrete plate and have never used ansys before.  Does anyone have any tutorials that involve non-linear analysis?  I am trying to get a force vs. deflection curve and I am having troubles.


Automatic Stablization - RC Element Analysis

Hi all,

I am modeling a RC element subjected to stress and i am interested to determine the deflection of the element. I am using Abaqus Standard with static-general step. 

It seems that I have instability issue and I used automatic stablization technique to stabilize the problem. I am currently using "Specified disipated energy fraction = 0.0002" with a default of 0.05 for max ratio of stabilization to strain energy.

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