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beam elements

Beam Elements, UEL, ABAQUS, Rotation

Hi everyone,

I'm working on UEL and studying wave propagation in beam. I have a special purpose beam element defined in UEL which has four nodes.  When the beam is horizontal and a vertical load is being applied, it's working perfectly:

      1,           0.,           0.,        0.
      2,         0,           0.25,        0.
      3,           0.,           0.,        0.
      4,         0.,           0.25,        0.

higher order FE-Beam elements: Transformation Matrix

Hi all,

My question is about this transformation matrix T for beam elements using 3 or more nodes (quadratic or higher formulation).

programming beam elements in 2D or 3D one usually formulates the shape
functions etc. in ‘local’ beam coordinates (e.g. x’). So the beam stiffness matrix
will be formulated using this local coordinate system. For assembly of the ‘global’
system one transforms this local matrix to global coordinates using a
transformation matrix T.

Continuum Elements - Beam Elements


I have a structure which is made up of continuum elements and beam elements joined together. I tried to join the beam elements to continuum elements by tie and coupling (I tried both distributing and kinematic coupling).

There are 2 general-static steps, first a vertical load and then a tip load. For both tie and coupling approach, Abaqus Standard give me aborted runs because the time increment is too small. I tried all ways of stablization but it still would not run.

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ABAQUS - Problem concerning "concrete damaged plasticity" model

Hi all,

I'm trying to solve a frame structure in ABAQUS. I'm using 3D beam elements (B31) so that shear and bending stresses may appear. This is ok for an elastic analysis, but I also want to perform a failure analysis of this frame. Therefore, I'm trying to use the "concrete damaged plasticity" material in ABAQUS.  But I've read in the manual I can't use B31 elements with this material.

 Does anyone know how to combine the "concrete damaged plasticity" material in a 3D beam analysis? Any other suggestions?

ABAQUS/Standard - 2D beam elements vs 3D shell elements

Dear collegues,

I am modeling deformation of a simple triangular shape, /\, which is constrained at one end and the other end is free to move on the x direction. There is a displacement loading on the top corner and the output is the reaction force on the y direction at the free end.

 I used Abaqus/ Standard and modeled this problem in 2D beam elements and 3D shell elements. The material is aluminum with plasticity and nonlinear geometry is on. 

modeling of simple beam-column connection (hinged)

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Hi, I am using Abaqus.

Need to model simple beam-column connection (with beam elements). Connection should allow rotation but not translation. I am new to Abaqus so please help.


Tried connector section, defined it, but I dont know how to use/apply it.

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