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Beam Elements, UEL, ABAQUS, Rotation

Hi everyone,

I'm working on UEL and studying wave propagation in beam. I have a special purpose beam element defined in UEL which has four nodes.  When the beam is horizontal and a vertical load is being applied, it's working perfectly:

      1,           0.,           0.,        0.
      2,         0,           0.25,        0.
      3,           0.,           0.,        0.
      4,         0.,           0.25,        0.

Rotation of a model

I created a 3D model in Ansys, and when I wanted to mesh, I realised that the model was created in the wrong plane:  the area I wanted to mesh was in the x-z plane, while the plane82 element I needed to use needs to be in the x-y plane.

 Is there a way I can rotate my entire model instead of starting from the beginning?

In addition, how can I create a cylinder with the circle in the x-z plane and its depth in the y direction.  Creating circles and cylinder only gives the option to create the circle in the x-y plane.





How to supply a visualization for the displacement gradient tensor

Hi all, 

[Warning: The writing is long, as is usually the case with my posts :)]

It all began with a paper that I proposed for an upcoming conference in India. The extended abstract got accepted, of course, but my work is still in progress, and today I am not sure if I can meet the deadline. So, I may perhaps withdraw it, and then submit a longer version of it to a journal, later.

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