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Laser machining of composite materials..


can we do laser machining of composites materials like glass fiber etc.. from simple laser machine or we have to use special fiber laser for this..please through some light on this topic....

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Availabilty of Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic in INDIA?

from where we can have frp sheet from india specially from north india.,.,if any idea please tell me.,.,

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modelling of composite sheet in ansys and how to apply tsai wu failure criteria.,.

any idea how to design fiber glass reinforced plastic(composite sheet) in ansys and how to apply tsai wu failure criteria.,.,plz tell me i am not able to that.,.,or it is easy to make in any option we get in ansys about composites or failure criteria...please give some comments if u know some thing.

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All Have Problems but Nobody Having Solution ?

here in this web/./.all people have problems in large no. but bunch of peoples for solving there problem,,,why this is so???

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about tsai-wu failure criteria in ansys.....

sir,i am student of masters in cad/robotics from india,.,and i am doing my
thesis on ansys in drilling as topic.,.sir i want to know the application
tasi wu failure criterian in ANSYS.,.,how we apply this method.,,.i am
very new user of ansys.,.,if u have help files about this or any
suggestion please provide me.,.
i will be thankful to for your guidance.,.

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