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What is the equation of formula to calculate flexural rigidity of RC Slab

Dear eveyone,

I need to know the formula or expression to calculate the flexural rigidity (D) of RC Slab reiforced with steel bars. I know that for plain concrete, D can be taken as Et3/12(1-v2). However, I have no idea what is D when steel bars are added to slab. I really appreciate for any kind help. Thanks

In ABAQUS, how to set failure for the analysis of RC Slab

Iam modeling and analysing a simply supported RC Slab using ABAQUS 6.8.2 with static Riks Concrete Damaged Plasticity. My results show that the behaviour of the deformation seems to continue up to 1000mm. My query is that how to set ABAQUS so that the RC slab will fail in a realistic manner either in crushing (compression) or cracking (tensile failure) with reasonable maximum deflection value. Please let me know how to fix this problem. Thanks

What is the ideal tension stiffening data for RC Slab analysed with ABAQUS

Iam working on the analysis of simply supported RC Slab using ABAQUS with Concrete Damaged Plasticity. Anyone knows the ideal or best data or expressions or formulaes to relate the yield stress and strain (or displacement or GFI) for tension behavior in the tension stiffening profile.

Please let me knows. Thank you.

interface / contact problem of non linear analysis of RC Slab Strengthened with FRP using ABAQUS 6.8-2, need help

Dear Abaqus Users,

I have modelled and analysed a simply supported RC Slab strengthened with FRP using ABAQUS 6.8-2. Plastic analysis with Concrete Damaged Plasticity has been chosen to simulate the behavior of the RC Slab loaded at the centre. However, I have difficulties about the constraints between the surface of FRP and surface of the RC Slab. Abaqus did not recognise "tie" element for this interface between these materials. A good comparison between this simulation and the experimental test result is expected. However, tie constraints made the analysis to be terminated.

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