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Abaqus 6.9

Hi all,


Please could  anyone help me for this?

How to link Abaqus CAE with UMAT subroutine? When I run simulation, it announced that 

"Error in job tensile: Problem during linking - Abaqus/Standard User Subroutines.   This error may be due to a mismatch in the Abaqus user subroutine arguments.   These arguments sometimes change from release to release, so user subroutines   used with a previous release of Abaqus may need to be adjusted.
Job tensile aborted due to errors."

Thanks for your helps


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The International Conference on Computational Solid Mechanics CSM2008 in Ho Chi Minh City, 27-30 November, 2008

The Conference will be held in University  of Technical Education, Hochiminh City

1,  Vo Van Ngan, Thu Duc, Hochiminh City, Vietnam

November 27-30, 2008

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Lemaitre damage material model

The Lemaitre damage material model was developed by Lemaitre for an isotropic linear elastic virgin material with stress-strain law as follows
 \sigma_{ij}=(1-D)C_{ijkl}\epsilon_{kl} \quad D\in[0,1]
 where $D$ represents the extent of damage with the damage evolution law

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