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Grant for master thesis at Bosch: FEM Simulation of Fracture in Electronic Components

If you are a master student and would like
to do your master thesis, there is an opportunity to do it at Bosch in
Stuttgart, Germany. The grant will be given for 6 months and can be extended to
6 more months ( 6 months internship plus six months master thesis.)

For more information regarding the grant and
the position please see below job description or contact me.



Job description: 

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Effect of Residual stresses on the Interfacial Fracture Toughness of polymer/Metal Interface

When a bi-material sample for the characterization of interfacial fracture toughness is manufactured, the sample is not usually stress-free at room temperature. If an interface between a metallic substrate and a polymeric adhesive is considered, there are essentially two sources of residual stresses for a dry sample at room temperature:

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EuroSimE 2008 in Freiburg, Germany


Thermal, Mechanical and Multiphysics Simulation and Experiments in Micro-Electronics and Micro-Systems (EuroSimE) 

EuroSimE 2008 Will be held in Konzerthaus, downtown Freiburg, on April 20, 2008 (courses), April 21-22-23 (conference, exhibition).

 program also available:

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International conference in Microreliability and Nanoreliability, Berlin, Sep. 2007

1st International CONGRESS on Microreliability and Nanoreliability in Key Technology Applications

Berlin (D), Sept. 2-5, 2007

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Interfacial moisture diffusion using cohesive zone elements

Hello every body,

As most of you know, fracture mechanics of polymer materials needs a special consideration of the viscoelastic material properties. Especially under thermomechanical loading the role of glass transition temperature T_g is very important. That is why people try to characterize the material with different methods including stress relaxation based on Time-Temperature superposition or DMA test.

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