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bimaterial fracture mechanics

cohesive zone element

Are there any papers/documents on one dimensional bar problem with a cohesive zone element formulation? It should be a zero length non-linear spring in this case right? I am more interested in setting up the problem from the virtual work principles rather than a discussion of the results.


Xu and Needleman: Potential function in 3-D

Dear all,

I am improving the cohesive zone model in 2-D proposed by Y.F. Gao to simulate delamination between sub-micron thick films in 3-D. However, I did not find the potential function proposed by Xu and Needleman in 3-D. If you know it please tell me

Here is the potential function proposed by of Xu and Needleman in 2-D (in Y.F Gao’s paper)

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Interfacial moisture diffusion using cohesive zone elements

Hello every body,

As most of you know, fracture mechanics of polymer materials needs a special consideration of the viscoelastic material properties. Especially under thermomechanical loading the role of glass transition temperature T_g is very important. That is why people try to characterize the material with different methods including stress relaxation based on Time-Temperature superposition or DMA test.

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