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Piezoelectricity above the Curie temperature? Combining flexoelectricity and functional grading to enable high-temperature elect

Most technologically relevant ferroelectrics typically lose piezoelectricity above the Curie temperature. This limits their use to relatively low temperatures. In this Letter, exploiting a combination of flexoelectricity and simple functional grading, we propose a strategy for high-temperature electromechanical coupling in a standard thin film configuration.

superlattice brillouin zone and Symmetry points


I was trying to find the brillouin zone of a GaAs superlattice and their points of symmetry to use it in determing the bandstructure. I am using the [111] as the z direction and the structure is periodic in the x and y direction but none periodic in the z direction. I am still looking for my way in this field and i couldnt find a good textbook that explain this, especially how to find the symmetry points of a crystal whether it is in bulk stucture or superlattice. So i really would appreciate any help or guidance in this problem.

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