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to model creep behavior in ABAQUS


I have different stress strain curves at different hours (1hr, 10hr, 100hr).  for a constant stress, the strain increases with increase in number of hours(creep)

They look like stress-strain curves at different strain rates.

now I want to define a material card with these curves with above mentioned number of hours.

I kindly request you to suggest me a CARD in ABAQUS which takes care of this behavior.

Thanks a ton for your help, in advance !


Johnson Cook Mathematical model

Dear friends,

 Can anybody give me information/Website/papers/... on below mentioned topic ??

on Johnson Cook plasticity model with analytical forms of the hardening law and rate dependence. I am trying to use this in my high-strain-rate transient dynamic simulations (metals). I am using ABAQUS as analysis tool. 


Thanks a ton in advance !


-Balappa Bhairnatti.

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