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Dynamics of Electrohydraulic Soft Actuators

We have discovered two timescales that govern the dynamic behavior of electrohydraulic actuators: a viscous timescale and an inertial timescale, which depend on geometry and materials system of the actuator, and applied mechanical load and voltage. Depending on the ratio of these timescales, the actuators operate either in a viscous regime in which viscous resistance limits the actuation speed or in an inertial regime in which high speed actuation is possible.

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How inhomogeneous zipping increases the force output of Peano-HASEL actuators

Please take a look at our newest paper in Extreme Mechanics letters. In this paper we investigate why Peano-HASEL (Hydraulically Amplified Self-healing Electostatic) actuators zip inhomogeneously at large loads. We develop a theoretical model to explain the phenomenon and validate it experimentally. We show that inhomogeneous zipping increases the blocking force of Peano-HASEL actuators by ~50% compared to homgenous zipping. Even though our analysis is limited to Peano-HASEL actuators, the physical principle is valid for other geometries of HASEL acutators, too.

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Journal Club for May/June 2019: Using Instabilities to Control Soft Robots

Journal Club for May 2019: Using Instabilities to Control Soft Robots Philipp Rothemund University of Colorado Boulder

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