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VUMAT viscoelasticity (Maxwell model)

Dear all,

I would like to ask you for advice. I am about to simulate a pull-through test (see attached picture) of a cladding panel made of a material with highly viscoelastic behaviour. I have parameters for Maxwell model (Prony series) obtained from test. I expect large deformation and probably cone failure (or tearing of the cladding panel). Therefore I would like to use Abaqus/Explicit. The problem is that I cannot use *visco step together with Explicit. Is there any way to solve it?

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Brittle failure in Abaqus

Hi there,

Can anyone explain me the results I got from Explicit? I am investigating cracks propagation in hybrid timber-glass beam. It is a I-shaped section and consists of timber flanges and glass web bonded with an adhesive.

Please look at the attached diagram - Force versus vertical deformation. Until an initial crack it is almost perfectly linear. But what happens after the glass failure? What could be the reason that the force changes like a wave?



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Brittle cracking in brittle materials

Hi there,

 I am trying to simulate a crack opening process in ABAQUS. I start up from a simple model of plate with a notch subjected to tension. I would like to see the crack opening. To model a brittle mnaterial behaviour I have added a brittle cracking with sub-option brttle failure and brittle shear.

Please look at dat file:



  *Element, type=CPS3

  *Element, type=CPS4R


  *Elset, elset=ASSEMBLY_PART-1-1__I1

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