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how to edit/correction mesh (in ansys workbench)?


i want to analysis a model in anasys workbench with modal analysis.but i Encountered to problem.Bad mesh generation (as you see in the below figure) happened that i don know how to solve it,could anyone help me ?




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looking for RA or TA opportunities for master in usa universities(CA,NY, ...)


im 3rd year student in mechanical engineering in semnan university of iran.

overall it is my resmue:

GPA 3 (IRAN system : 14.9/20)

ielts ,gre in progress 

fluent in solidworks,visual nastran 4D,COSMOS MOTION

good in matlab(numerical computational),ansys,ansys workbench

2 paper in vibration field (exact : transmisibilty ,modal parameters) collaborating with one of our teachers and continue on other papers

1st in 7th pasta bridge National Championship -2012iran-

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what is your suggestion for third year student ?

hi every one

im just early join to this site ,first of all i ask one question :

 what is your suggestion for third year student ?

for improving in mechanical engineering...

yours sincerely

BC student,ali asgari  

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