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Could you tell me know which criteria if satisfied, the abaqus give this error "one of your elements distorted excessively"?

For test reasons of abaqus work, I have defined my material properties (stress-strain behaviour) up to strains of 15! However, even in this condition some of my elements reaches this strain value and distorted. I want to know which calculation the abaqus software is using to report a distortion error? 

Actually can we define our material behaviour in a way that, it would not distorted at all?




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what is the reason for Large element deformation?

Hi my Friends,

I am doing abaqus run for a copper specimen under hydrostatic pressure. The magnetude of pressure is in order of several Giga Pascals. In my material definition, I have defined stress-strain flow up to strain of 0.4. But as you can see in attached photo, some elements show very large deformation (considerably larger than 0.4). Knowing that I have not defined stress strain behaviour for srain greater than 0.4, how this can be occure? Unfortunately, niether adaptive meshing nor element deletation were not eliminate this issue!!


Best Thanks

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when the failure of metals occur under Hydrostatic pressure ?

We know "Many experiments have shown that ductile materials can be hydrostatically stressed to levels beyond their ultimate strength in compression without failure. This is because the hydrostatic state of stress reduces the volume of the specimen without changing its shape. My confusion is that in what stress value the failure is occure under hydrostatic pressure? 

Naturally, I do not expect that a metal can bear infinite hydrostatic pressure values!



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Master/Slave surfaces in abaqus, what is the concept?

Could some one kindly explain me what is the advantages of using master/slave surfaces in contact problems? Indeed, when we should use master/slave strategy? Best

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Element delatation for Severe Plastic Deformation (SPD) process

Dear all,

I am using Abaqus/explicite. My material definition is elasto plastic with stress strain values up to strain of 15!. After borthering tries now I think if I can set "Shear Failure Criteria Element Deletation option", it is possible to avoid this error. But I cannot find this option. Could someone guide me what exactly should I do in order to add distorted element deletation option and how? (an step-by-step tutorial will be approciate)

More Explanation about process:

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Friction modeling LAMMPS

Hi All,


Is there any one working on modelling of friction using LAMMPS to discuss an issues?




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