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University of California Merced - Postdoc in Computational Materials and Mechanics

The University of California Merced seeks applications for a postdoctoral scholar in the Martini Research Group. The position requires significant experience with atomistic simulations using empirical model-based simulation tools and strong computational skills in general, as well as excellent oral and written communication skills. Preference will be given to applicants whose research background includes investigation of the mechanical properties of nanoparticles. The position is for one year with the possibility of renewal.

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Tenure-track faculty positions in ME at UC Merced

We have tenure track faculty positions open in Mechanical Engineering at the University of California Merced. Best to apply before the application review period begins on Oct 16:


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Grad Student Openings: University of California Merced - Mechanical Engineering

There are PhD and MS openings at the University of California Merced in the Mechanical Engineering Department. UC Merced is the newest campus of the well-known University of California system. Because the campus is still relatively small, most incoming graduate students are funded via Teaching Assistantship or Graduate Research Assistantship. Also, the application fee will be refunded for students who are admitted and join the program in the Fall. The application deadline is January 2018.

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UC Merced - Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant Positions Available

The Mechanical Engineering program at the University of California Merced has graduate student positions, funded via Teaching or Reasearch Assistantship, for top applicants. More information about the program is available at: Information about how to apply is available at:

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University of California Merced - Post Doc and Grad Student Openings

We have openings for post docs and grad students to develop and use atomistic simulations to investigate surface and interface phenomena. Specific research focuses will depend on the applicant’s background, but may include characterization of the interactions and reactions between metallic surfaces and various industrially-relevant liquid adsorbates and exploration of the effects of coupled stresses in determining the size of the contact between nanoscale bodies.

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ME Faculty Position at University of California Merced

The School of Engineering at the University of California Merced invites applications for a tenure or tenure-track faculty position at all levels in the general area of Mechanical Engineering. Candidates with proven expertise in Engineering Systems for Agriculture in relation to energy, water, and agricultural automation are invited to apply.

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Graduate student research assistantships at the University of California Merced

Graduate student research positions are available in Professor
Martini’s Fundamental Tribology group in Mechanical Engineering at the
University of California Merced. UC Merced is the 10th campus of the University
of California system, opened in 2005, with a rapidy growing research program. Professor Martini’s
group focuses on computational modeling of friction, wear and lubrication of
sliding surfaces, with particular emphasis on nanoscale interfacial phenomena.
Prospective applicants should contact Professor Martini directly.

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