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graduate studies

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Graduate student research assistantships at the University of California Merced

Graduate student research positions are available in Professor
Martini’s Fundamental Tribology group in Mechanical Engineering at the
University of California Merced. UC Merced is the 10th campus of the University
of California system, opened in 2005, with a rapidy growing research program. Professor Martini’s
group focuses on computational modeling of friction, wear and lubrication of
sliding surfaces, with particular emphasis on nanoscale interfacial phenomena.
Prospective applicants should contact Professor Martini directly.

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Master and PhD studies at Monash Sunway Campus, Malaysia

2 Master and PhD student positions are available at Monash University, Sunway Campus in Malaysia on the following areas: 

1. Polymer nanocomposites (Preparation and modeling) (PhD).

2. Electrospinning of nanofibers(Master).

Interested candidates please send  their CV  to 

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PhD Student Scholarships to Cambridge through the Gates Trust

Applications are due 15 October, 2007 for entry in 2008 to Cambridge University for graduate studies funded through the Gates Trust .  Highly competitive students interested in studying at Cambridge are encouraged to apply.  Details for Cambridge graduate studies are in the prospective here .

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