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shot peening

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Funded PhD Position, Automation of Forming of Wing Skins, Montreal, Canada

A fully funded PhD Position in mechanical engineering is available at Polytechnique Montreal in Canada to automate the peen forming of aircraft wing skins.

Peen forming automation through in-process 3D shape measurement

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PhD position at Polytechnique Montréal on the modelling of the peen forming process with a major aerospace company

Polytechnique Montréal is looking for a candidate with a strong solid mechanics and computational mechanics background to work on the simulation of the shot peen forming process for full scale wing panels. The project will consist of using and improving current methodologies for predicting the response of thin Al sheets submitted to shot peening. The predictions will be validated against real data generated on full scale wing panels by a major aerospace company. 

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PhD positions available at Polytechnique Montréal and McGill universities on shot peening with 5 aerospace companies

Ecole Polytechnique and McGill are seeking two PhD candidates for a large project aiming at understanding the effects of shot peening on the fatigue lives of aerospace components. The project involves 8 PhD students that will be working in close collaboration. The project is co-funded by the Canadian goverment and 5 leading aerospace companies located in Montréal. Some projects involve internships at these companies.

We are seeking two students for the following projects:


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Shot Peen Hardness With Nanoindentation

The intention of shot peening is ultimately to alter the mechanical properties of a given surface. By hitting the surface with controlled shot the surface will deform plastically. Proper Instrumentation, nanoindentation, will play a vital factor in achieving reliable and intended results.

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Shot Peened Surface Characterization Using 3D Profilometry

Shot peening is a process by which a substrate is impacted with round metal, glass or ceramic beads, also known as shot, at a force intended to create plasticity on the surface. The characteristics present prior to and after the peening process provides vital information to better the understanding and control of the process. Among many others, surface roughness and dimple coverage area left by the shot, are of particular interest using a profilometer.

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